I finished the Summer Session 2

I received my final grade for one class and the other I will receive soon.  The second class was interesting we examine many factors of inclusion. The various different research techniques attached to teaching children with learning disabilities. I learned a great deal. I’m looking forward to classes in the Fall.

I’m off to a good start in Lit 501(introduction to Literacy)

I received a A- on my first grade and next grade I’m confident will be an A and then A+ for the final two grades. Looking forward to completing the program with flying colors. I have learned a great deal in this course about different systems used to teaching reading such as the LEA andDL-TA DR-TA DRA and Guided Reading Approach. All of the systems serve as a important tool for teacher’s and students. I will give you so more insight on my next blog about my philosophy on what approaches are instrumental at different grade levels.

The First Assignment was due on July 12, 2007

Our first assignment was due on Thursday. The topic was Readability vs Leveling which are two different techniques used to evaluate books so you may choose appropriate books for the children in your class. I learned a great deal about the process of reading and the skills necessary to move from one reading development level to another. I am looking forward to my grade and my overall experience during the rest of the class assignments.

A new venture

I’m starting Graduate School and upon completion I will have a dual Masters in Early Childhood Education and Special Education. I’m really excited and elated about the event. I love to learn and many people value an education inside the classroom however, I value both an education inside and outside the classroom. Humanity has downplayed the value to being community and socially minded. It means to take from your heart the traits God wants you to display patience, joy, happiness. The ultimate goal is to love on another in a special way.

A mind will create a heaven or hell on earth!!!!!!!

I have found a solution to feeling like you are in hell whenever challenges come your way. Act appropriately and plan a strategy to correct the situation. If you can’t correct it dismiss it. Then you can feel like you’re in heaven instead of the hell we subject ourselves to every-time challenges overwhelm us. Create your heaven or hell on earth will become a friend near and dear to you!!!!!!

Creative Experiences

I have recently attended several workshops at the Library, the Westchester Arts Council sponsored them. Several workshops such as:painting ,sculpture, dance, and hat making, poetry. I was surprised more people didn’t attend the workshops. Creative exercises are good for the spirit, and also enrich the mind ,as well as keep the body balanced.

My advice to everyone no matter what age is to find free workshops for creative experiences.

It will help you maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle!!!!

A dedication to my daughter

Shantaia how time flies I can’t believe it’s time for you to make your way out of the nest. I have always believed in you ,and I know that the bright sparks in your eyes tell the untold story. The eyes are the mirrors of the soul and that’s why I’m convinced you will accomplish great things. Congratulations are in order for completing high school. Good thinking when you get to NYU in September.

Love you, Mom

Nurture the things you want to grow

As a teacher and joyful person nurturing the things you want to grow and starving the things you want to die, can cause a harmonious situation or a harmful situation depending on your application. If you reverse the process by nurturing the things you want to die, and starving the things you want to grow, you will become unbalance and unstable and unable to accomplish great tasks. Therefore, creating an unhealthy body mind and soul. What do you want to grow in your life? What do you want to die? Make a list right now!!! Then start checking off items as you complete them.

Stay balanced successful and healthy by completing your list successfully!!

Family connections

A way to keep family together is through connections. The most popular way to connect now is the web. I have create a page for all family members near and far to write comments about good news in their lives and say positive affirmations to each other. I hope you continue a journey of light and wisdom. Stay patient and stay connected to joy!!!!!!!!!

Rules for a successful teacher

Rule # 1 Never  judge a child  harshly, who is trying to find his or her way. Remember, you might be looking at the next Hilary Clinton or Colin Powell.

Rule # 2 Start your day with zest for teaching and end it that way too.

Rule # 3 Keep your mind open to possibilities never see anything from one side.

Rule # 4 Assess your students consistently, and you’ll be able to see if progress exist.

Rule # 5 Assess yourself as well ,check your attitude and approach to teaching.

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