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Green is for power and Blue is tranquility

Power means knowing when to yes and when to say no. Power is waking up to a smile and going to bed to one too. Remember you might have to create it yourself that is the power you have to control the emotional outlook on life.

Tranquility means taking time to rest and relax in a special way by just floating and feeling elated. Sit back and just think of pleasant events. Do something positive and you’ll reach that state of mind really quick. Call someone with an upbeat personality and a voice that quiets your soul.


Time is of the essence

The days ahead of us are always busy with our to do list.

However, time is of the essence doesn’t mean all of those items are top priority !

Certain items on that list can sent our worlds into total discord if we are not careful. Ask yourself did I live well today, did I laugh often, and did I love much, only then will your to do list be completed with no regret.

Follow your mind spirit and soul emerging spontaneously to truly unfold into a human being that everybody wants to emulate rather than not associate themselves with at all.