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I’m off to a good start in Lit 501(introduction to Literacy)

I received a A- on my first grade and next grade I’m confident will be an A and then A+ for the final two grades. Looking forward to completing the program with flying colors. I have learned a great deal in this course about different systems used to teaching reading such as the LEA andDL-TA DR-TA DRA and Guided Reading Approach. All of the systems serve as a important tool for teacher’s and students. I will give you so more insight on my next blog about my philosophy on what approaches are instrumental at different grade levels.

The First Assignment was due on July 12, 2007

Our first assignment was due on Thursday. The topic was Readability vs Leveling which are two different techniques used to evaluate books so you may choose appropriate books for the children in your class. I learned a great deal about the process of reading and the skills necessary to move from one reading development level to another. I am looking forward to my grade and my overall experience during the rest of the class assignments.