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Rules for a successful teacher

Rule # 1 Never  judge a child  harshly, who is trying to find his or her way. Remember, you might be looking at the next Hilary Clinton or Colin Powell.

Rule # 2 Start your day with zest for teaching and end it that way too.

Rule # 3 Keep your mind open to possibilities never see anything from one side.

Rule # 4 Assess your students consistently, and you’ll be able to see if progress exist.

Rule # 5 Assess yourself as well ,check your attitude and approach to teaching.

Teachwell 2

Teacher’s should search for the right environment to teach. Teaching is a vital key to a productive and orderly society. Therefore, the environment responsible for educating children must hold high standards. I’ve worked as a teacher in some places where it wasn’t a good fit for me.

I take my job very serious and it’s important to hold supervisors and co-workers accountable when an environment isn’t meeting the needs of the children. Often, it’s the environment inside the school rather than outside the school. Teacher’s beware when you are looking for a job, do your research ,and spend time in your place of employment before taking a position at that location. (Spoken by an experience teacher)

The Spirit of teaching

Do not ask your students to learn, if you can’t teach with spirit. Spirit has several definitions, However I am fond of the meaning: Enthusiasm and loyalty.  These two qualities make students quest for knowledge and outshine any insecurities or lack of enthusiasm.

Let me paint a picture for you with my own experience. Picture a girl entering the room with her head bowed. As the teacher calls on her to read, a fearful  look appears and she reads two or three words with great difficultly. Instead of the teacher calling on someone else she lets the girl finish the sentence. Now the real spirit of teaching has begun. Everyday the teacher continues to find ways to lift the child spirits and spends extra time working on her reading skills. During the month of March the child is tested and the test results reveal a fourth grade level in reading . The spirit of teaching emulates this quote “To the illumined mind the whole world burns and sparkles with light. (Ralph Waldo Emerson).

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