The Art of Guiding yourself

Nothing can guide you more than your own will. People can try to force feed you all day long, but that approach never works. It is your desire to feed yourself that will inspire you to reach as high as you can go. If you try to slide across a rough surface it will be a real challenge,however a smooth surface will glide you straight across the floor. Therefore, one must always be aware of their approach and never think for one minute it doesn’t make a difference. Forcefulness and Roughness will cause anyone to rebel rather than reach their full potential. The Art of Guiding yourself is truly the way to go.


New Day

Today is a new day and I decided that whatever is yesterdays woes will be todays so what. Today is a new day and starting now I seek no other day but today. A new day a new opportunity a new smile a new laugh a new everything. I like new days. Do you cry over spilled milk don’t it’s already gone,and today is truly new.

Think positive

Think positive and watch the results.

Sometimes people feel this is just a fantasy just a joke just a myth.

However, there is research based information and real events that back up this theory Therefore, go ahead it’s alright to think positive think positive, and watch your world fly forward into reality.

The School Year Is Here

The day has dawn and new experiences surely are in store. My idea of the perfect classroom is one that does restrict children from being just who they are inside and expressing themselves outward without being judged. Every child is different and what teachers have to be aware of is they know when you single them out as being not so special or not so pretty etc.

The age group that I’m teaching this year is Pre-k and their 5 senses are alive and stimulated by many things in the environment. I’m looking forward to a wonderful year, orientation for parents was Thursday and all of the parents welcomed me very nicely. It was nice to see so many attend the orientation.

Green is for power and Blue is tranquility

Power means knowing when to yes and when to say no. Power is waking up to a smile and going to bed to one too. Remember you might have to create it yourself that is the power you have to control the emotional outlook on life.

Tranquility means taking time to rest and relax in a special way by just floating and feeling elated. Sit back and just think of pleasant events. Do something positive and you’ll reach that state of mind really quick. Call someone with an upbeat personality and a voice that quiets your soul.

Time is of the essence

The days ahead of us are always busy with our to do list.

However, time is of the essence doesn’t mean all of those items are top priority !

Certain items on that list can sent our worlds into total discord if we are not careful. Ask yourself did I live well today, did I laugh often, and did I love much, only then will your to do list be completed with no regret.

Follow your mind spirit and soul emerging spontaneously to truly unfold into a human being that everybody wants to emulate rather than not associate themselves with at all.

Use your imagination

Explore all you can for the imagination can take you to places up high.  If  you think outside of the normal routines of the day life can be sweet, take a moment to breathe in fresh air, or stare at a bird or some other form of nature. Watch yourself in the mirror as you enter a new day or end one. Use your imagination, and visualize the sky opening just for you!!!!!!!!!!!

Sweet Chance of A lifetime

I have a chance of a lifetime to focus on the positive. I have a chance of a lifetime to love everything I do because it has a purpose beyond the surface. I have a chance of a lifetime to breathe every breath in a magical way and to appreciate the beauty of the day. I have a chance of a lifetime to live well laugh often and love much.

Orientation for New Job Today

I will start on Sept 4 and I’m very excited about the new position. I will work with 4 year olds again and take Graduate courses in the Fall. Until the next time teachwell is very elated.

Live life to the fullest

Socrates said A life that isn’t examined isn’t worth living. Therefore, make sure you take a good look at self when moving about this earth. It will guide you toward higher planes.

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